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KIB Diary and Events

Kinghorn in Bloom is more than just planting flowers.

You are welcome to join us at a KIB meeting on the second Tuesday of each month in Kinghorn Library at 7.00 pm to find out more.

Spring Tub on HS 2021

Our Gardening Year Planner ~ 2021

JANUARY Unable to approach businesses for sponsorship
FEBRUARY complete spring planting
MARCH weed and tidy up tubs, boats and beds
APRIL maintenance, plan summer scheme (if possible)
MAY Check, replace or repair before summer planting, weed, tidy
JUNE summer planting on High St
JULY Weeding, watering
AUGUST Weeding, watering
SEPTEMBER Weeding, watering, dead heading
OCTOBER Check for maintenance
NOVEMBER Preparation of winter barrier baskets, tubs
DECEMBER Make wreaths for High Street


Quarrel Brea Spring 2021

KIB Events for 2021

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